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Chadwick Displaced ~ Maybe We Are Your New Place?

Every six months or so we read the dreaded posts of sheer panic, "Our wedding venue is closing! What do we do now?!?" This week it is The Chadwick in Wexford closing its doors for 2025 weddings. A few months ago it was Lenape Heights and the list goes on and on. No matter the reason, the outcome is the same - displaced couples scrambling to look for a place to land. We understand and have helped many couples over the years. We even planned one wedding for 175 guest in less than 6 weeks! If you have found us and are a Chadwick couple, we would be happy to show you our venue and try to help you with anything you need. We pride ourselves in superior customer service. Avenue in Sarver offers on site wedding options indoors and out. We have a spacious bridal suite and room to spend the entire day with us. Our professional wedding coordinators will help you create a timeline and assist with moving your vendors to your new location. We have a large "I Do at Avenue" decor collection, covered heated patio, seating for 175 guests and post event clean up. We are exactly 22 miles from The Chadwick, nestled in a gorgeous rural setting. Although we hate that you are in this situation, we are grateful that we can help you to find a place you will love just as much! Contact Cathy today for your tour of our elegant rustic barn venue.

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