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Meet the Team: Rock N Roll Ladies

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

“I have the privilege of working alongside some of the most dedicated and passionate women, from whom I learn well- something I never want to take for granted. Not to mention the laughs…”


The staff at Avenue in Sarver are no stranger to the wedding industry. Passionate about all things wedding, these women are driven and dedicated to making every ever-after a happy one.

The permanent staff at Avenue in Sarver inspires and encourages one another's strengths while also providing opportunities to grow in different components of the business! This team of exceptional communicators with creative minds can accomplish anything, so let’s get to know the individuals behind the scenes of Avenue & Second Avenue in Sarver:

Our Owner and Marketing Director is Cathy Burnheimer. Well known in the wedding industry for two decades, Cathy honed her skills as a cake artist and business owner of Frosted Envy. After winning the Food Network show, Winner Cake All in 2018, she started another successful business, Popped Envy Gourmet Popcorn. She also owns Sarver Chocolate Company. Cathy loves being a mother to her three daughters and wife to her husband, Ben. She is the queen of multitasking, but always makes sure each event is special and memorable. Taking her time to care for each client as though they are the first, she maintains the philosophy that "customer service is about caring for your clientele-it's all about relationships." Her experience and connections in event planning is unparalleled in the wedding industry. At the end of a long productive day, Cathy enjoys a good glass of wine and true crime shows while snuggling her four dogs. She thanks Ben for his unconditional love and support.

Jill Lesko is our Creative Director and Content Creator. Attending receptions in the tri-state area, Jill remembers the thrill of waiting for "Old Time Rock-n-Roll" and dancing to start as a young girl. From sneaking sugar candy strawberries off of the Pittsburgh Cookie Tables, gazing at the ornate layered wedding cakes complete with the tiny bridal party on the plastic steps and lighted fountain underneath, to watching the couples hold each other close to "Wonderful Tonight", Jill loves all things weddings. All grown up & married for over 20 years, her dream of assisting couples in creating their perfect day is one she has the privilege of living out in her role at Avenue in Sarver. She loves using that creativity to make clients' big day all they've dreamed. Outside of work, Jill is a mom of two, grandmother of two and dog mom of the cutest Shih Tzu on this side of the Mississippi, Fitzgerald. From sorority sisters at SRU to “teammates” for Cathy’s start-up, Cathy and Jill have remained the best of friends over the years and couldn’t be happier to embark on their latest endeavor hand-in-hand.

The final member of the Avenue Team is wedding planner and day-of coordinator, Rachel “Ruby” Pittman. Once you meet Ruby, you will feel as though you've known her forever as her charm feels like home and her enthusiasm is contagious. Living in both the Pittsburgh Area as well as New York City has provided her with a wealth of creative experience and a passion for the wedding industry. She enjoys spending free time with her siblings, or her “built-in besties'' as she refers to them & her dog, Cinderella. She is forever grateful for the overwhelming amount of love and support she receives from those closest to her on a daily basis. Ruby’s love for good food, visual creativity, and close relationship with Jesus mean the world to her. Photography is her escape, poetry her expression, and comedy her medication. You will adore Ruby whose creativity, organization, attention to detail, and joyful attitude will be assets to your happily-ever-after.

The beauty of this team is not only how well they work together, but they way they have become like family and choose to do life with one another closely. When asked about the work environment at Avenue in Sarver, the genuine responses were nothing short of heartwarming. “I have the privilege of working alongside some of the most dedicated and passionate women, from whom I learn well- something I never want to take for granted. Not to mention the laughs…” (Rachel “Ruby” Pittman). If you haven't had the honor of meeting these incredible women, consider scheduling a tour of the facility in order to do so. Stay tuned for more blogs & vlogs from the women at Rock N Roll Lane!

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